The Folk Dance Ensemble was founded in 1975, under the name “AKÇE” (Cultural Studies and Environmental Education Institute). Since 1982, our ensemble is working under the Anadolu University, Folklore and Research Center. Since 2019, Prof. Dr. Ali ÖZTÜRK is serving as the Director of the Center and H. Öyküm LUMALI is the Artistic Director of the Ensemble.

“As the ensemble, the basis of our perspective to dance is the openness to cultural differences and artistic innovations, following the changing and transforming traditional structure. Together with this understanding of universality, traditional cultural elements are of invaluable importance for the center. With this perspective, while carrying the responsibility on behalf of the loss of traditional culture in the dance field, we also carry out artistic activities on the stage with interpretations within the framework of qualified and interdisciplinary methods.”

The ensemble cast continues its activities every year by adding new dancers selected from among our university students, from all different departments of the university. Contributing to the physical, social, cultural and artistic development of our students through dance-oriented arts education is the primary goal of both our Center and Ensemble. However, they are able to exhibit their staging activities in line with their repertoire enriching their basic traditional dance education at home and abroad.

“The repertoire of our group includes all traditional dance practices with different names in the local context of Anatolia-Turkey, Mezopotamia, Balkans and Caucasian regions.”

Since its foundation, the Folk Dance Ensemble of Anadolu University has participated in festivals in many cities in Turkey, Europe, America and has successfully represented our country and university. The main festivals we attended are: Azerbaijan (2010), Belgium (1999-2006-2012), Canada (1990-2001-2004), France (1992), Germany (1989-1991), Italy (2002-2005-2013), Mexico (1996), Netherlands (1997), Poland (2003), Portugal (2011-2014), Spain (2009-2016), United Kingdom (1993-2008) and United States of America (1994-1998).

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