Cultivando el Arte

Founded in 2010 the group did not reach its peak until the beginning of 2014. This cultural organization wants to offer its public folklore and flamenco in all its forms.

Cultivando El Arte’s mission is to support and develop new forms of dance, rooted in their region but always based on traditional dance language.
The group was founded by a select group of artists that focus on maintaining, developing and spreading flamenco and Spanish dance in general.

Currently 20 dancers and 7 musicians voluntarily study the basics of Andalusian flamenco and folklore.
Their mission is two-fold: keeping Andalusian folklore alive and passing on the passion for folklore to the public.

Finally, the artistic trajectory of the group is pretty impressive, they participated in festivals and events in different countries, including Cyprus … (Limasol, Larnaca and Pafos), Mallorca (Jornadas de Nits a la Fresca), India (New Delhi), Portugal (Celestino Graça, Festimaiorca y Festarte), Huelva (Festival de Danzas de Villablanca y Bonares) y Cádiz (Centro de arte Flamenca la merced, Teatro del titer de la Tía Norica, y El gran teatro Falla).

The group has an extensive repertoire, pure and cheerful and, above all, based on dance, without theatricality. This repertoire gives an overview of the basics of Andalusian folklore and flamenco in its purest form.

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