The most populated island with one hundred and twenty million inhabitants, more than half the population of Republic of Indonesia, is home to most major cities, including Jakarta, the capital, from which the group “KTF RADHA SARISHA” originated. The Indonesian group “KTF Radha Sarisha” is from the University of Social Sciences and Politics of this city.

The group “KTF RADHA SARISHA” lets you dream of the dances of the islands of the Orient.
In the work of this ensemble you will find all the diversity of Indonesian folk art, as well as the beautiful traditional costumes.

In Indonesia, like most performing arts in the East, dancing is like a form of religious worship. Today, with the modern influences of dancing, old traditions and drama are still preserved in art academies and directed dance schools. We will feel this in the show together with all the diversity of Indonesian folk arts as well as the richness of beautiful traditional costumes. The masked dances accentuate a highly amazing spectacle that leads you to the precious and refined East.

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