Folklore Ensemble Gelmel

Folklore Ensemble Gelmel – Schoten

After the anniversary year of 2018, Gelmel worked with the new dance management on a beautiful combination of old and new. A number of dances that have been in the repertoire for some time were re-introduced this year. At the same time, a number of new dances were also being worked on. As always, the dance group is accompanied by a fixed group of musicians, who this year have also worked hard to put the finishing touches on music.
Whoever wants to see the result of this is at Hello! Schoten.
This summer the group returns to the fields around Schoten. There is a lot of work, because harvesting is urgent. While singing, the group makes the best of it. Everyone deserves a break of course, so the ladies try to make it a bit cozy. As usual, the cocky behavior of young men can throw a spanner in the works. Will that still be okay?

Volkskunstgroep Jan Pirrewit

Jan Pirrewit – Schoten

Jan Pirrewit is the youth organization of Folklore Ensemble Schoten vzw. This children’s and youth dance group focuses on dancers between the ages of 4 and 14 and offers original and well-cared for dance programs. and young people of different ages. You read that right, this group has been providing a warm reminder of the past both on and off the stage for 50 years. On April 28 this golden anniversary was celebrated in style in Meatpack in Antwerp. This modern setting with grafiti walls provided a nice contrast with the dances and stage setting of Jan Pirrewit. Whoever was there can testify that it was truly unique and unseen for a children’s group in Flanders!

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